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NaNo Report, Part 2

I’m not sure this whole catch up with NaNo on a Wednesday thing is going to work. Thus far I’m not doing too well at it, but as long as I’m still writing I guess that’s the important thing. I would say I’ll move this to Thursday now, but if I do something else will break or explode or just happen along to distr-

Oh look, the kraken is picking up its squidlings from school!

Never mind.

Anyway, this week in the NaNo tally, things have been chugging along quite nicely. All the plots I had for this book have gone missing and I’ve gone off in another weird direction. I’m sort of hoping one or two of them might come back, but not confident. My dragons are spontaneous and resent forward planning.

I’m kicking the word count where it matters though, which is nice. Especially since all my plans yesterday went out the window. Not that I’m complaining, because in the scheme of everything, my NaNo goals are not important. But since my boiler is still broken and I spent most of today waiting for the engineer to come fix it (he’s here now), I caught up on my word count and Cloud Cursed at least is back on track. As far as I know, but see spontaneous dragons for why this may not be true.

I also have something extra to share, but I’ll talk about that at the end of the post.

Now onto the Weekly Progress-O-Meter of Snippets (no spoilers)!

Cloud Cursed Ch 5+6

“There are others here that are not so friendly towards my Clan.”
“That’s because your Clan is populated by idiots.”

– Leasang, Chapter 5

“I’m so pleased you picked such a comfortable spot. Wouldn’t it be terrible to find somewhere where there weren’t barbs and shards sticking in my feet? No, no, don’t get off, I can bear your weight just fine.”

– Teka, Chapter 5

Day 4 – 6763 words
Overall – 21,001 words


Nothing. My weekend was gobbled up by other things.

Cloud Cursed Ch 7

“Father Sun, this trip was making him lose his mind. This was why he didn’t have friends.”

– Khennik, Chapter 7

Day 7 – 4888 words
Overall – 25, 889 words

Cloud Cursed Ch 8

“We will never be friends, you and I.”

– Khennik, Chapter 8

Day 8 – 4618 words
Overall – 30, 507 words

Cloud Cursed Ch 9

“Ready?” Nera asked.
He grinned. “Ready.”
The lieutenant gave a sharp whistle, waving her arm to get her flurry lined up behind her, and grinned back. “Then let’s go!”

Estenarven, Chapter 9

Day 9 – 2986 words
Overall – 33, 495 words

Cloud Cursed Ch 10+11

“I’m really not sure about this, Tek,” she admitted, leaning forward to smooth a hand down her bonded’s neck.

Nera, Chapter 10

“I bloody hate ancient second-generation runes. And poetry. Why did they always use poetry? Father Sun, it might as well be gibberish.”

Khennik, Chapter 11

Day 10 – 8038 words
Overall – 41, 533 words

41533 / 80000 words. 52% done!

Woo – and if I may be so bold as to add – hoo!

Now, on to the non-NaNo Thing that has grown out of hazy idea I had bumbling around in the back of my brain, but mostly as a response to everything that’s going on right now.

I had considered making it a novella, however, instead it looks like it might turn into something else. I don’t know how long it will be, I don’t really know where it’s going. All I know is that it’ll be a completely fluffy piece of M/M dragon romance told scene by scene.

I wrote the first one today. I’ll write the second one tomorrow. I’ll try and write a little more every day and post it around the Rift and NaNo updates. So look out on Saturday for the first scene – perhaps even the first two scenes. I would say three, but that’ll be a fine way to ensure I never write anything on it again.

It’s called A Courtship of Dragons and it’s from the Dragonlands series, fitting neatly in between the end of Blazing Dawn and the start of Storm Rising. It’s about Mastekh and Estenarven, in case you were wondering and hadn’t quite guessed yet. It will probably also contain Rift Riders, miryhls and other sundry characters, since it’s all one Overworld.

I guess I’ll find out as I go along.

There was a flower on his bed.

Mastekh, Scene 1

No, you’re not getting any more. It’s less than 300 words long at the moment. Come back on Saturday.

In the meantime, love and good thoughts and hope and support to you all.

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