Merry Sunday…

I just settled down this morning to do a post or two about the fact I released Rift Riders yesterday, when I checked my author email and found out about this pleasant person.

Elsa N. Neuman.

She’s an author on Amazon with ten books to her name, all published in the last month. One of which is When Life Smile Again — which is a bloody stupid title. Also, when I read the blurb, it sounds strangely familiar.

Because it’s my book! Be With Me has been stolen and I’m too tired to get properly ragey about it, but I am pissed.

However, I am now learning how to report copyright infringement to Amazon, so I guess you really do learn something new every day. I also noticed a link to tell Amazon when a book is cheaper elsewhere, so I guess I’ll be using that in a minute because my free baby ‘Mero book is supposed to be a gift, not stolen.

Merry Sunday, everyone.

ETA: Received another email this morning alerting me about this, which means two on the side of good and one on the side of theft. Just need Amazon to hurry up and tip the scales in favour of the good people.

Also, Neuman had ten books up yesterday, this morning there are seven. If, as I suspect, this is because people are complaining, I wish Amazon would hurry up and suspend the account, since it looks like all the books were stolen.

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