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Firstly, as of last night, all the Elsa N. Neuman stolen books have been removed from Amazon. Thank goodness.

Thank you to everyone who warned me and the other affected authors or left 1* reviews warning other people away. You are awesome.

From the bit of digging I did myself, checking where some of the other books came from, it looks like they were all freebies taken from Smashwords, given new titles and covers and put into the Kindle Unlimited program. While this is unnerving and unfortunate, I’ll still keep putting free books out into the world for people to enjoy. However, if you ever see anything that looks or sounds like it might be mine, please let me know.

Thanks, everyone!

Secondly, Rift Riders is OUT NOW as an ebook. I’ll do a proper release post with all the links once it clears the Smashwords system and goes out to other outlets.

For now you can get it from:

Amazon (|| US || UK || AUS || CAN || and everywhere else)
and Smashwords

for the currently reduced price of .99 (which is as low as I can make it). Grab it while you can, because a week after it goes live everywhere it will be going up to 2.99.

Finally, this is your last day to read the Rift serial for free!

I will be removing it tomorrow (March 15th). No arguments. It comes down.

And this weekend Dragongift will begin. I will also be updating Courtship tomorrow as usual.

I hope you’ll be joining me. There’s a whole Overworld out there and it needs to be explored.


Merry Sunday…

I just settled down this morning to do a post or two about the fact I released Rift Riders yesterday, when I checked my author email and found out about this pleasant person.

Elsa N. Neuman.

She’s an author on Amazon with ten books to her name, all published in the last month. One of which is When Life Smile Again — which is a bloody stupid title. Also, when I read the blurb, it sounds strangely familiar.

Because it’s my book! Be With Me has been stolen and I’m too tired to get properly ragey about it, but I am pissed.

However, I am now learning how to report copyright infringement to Amazon, so I guess you really do learn something new every day. I also noticed a link to tell Amazon when a book is cheaper elsewhere, so I guess I’ll be using that in a minute because my free baby ‘Mero book is supposed to be a gift, not stolen.

Merry Sunday, everyone.

ETA: Received another email this morning alerting me about this, which means two on the side of good and one on the side of theft. Just need Amazon to hurry up and tip the scales in favour of the good people.

Also, Neuman had ten books up yesterday, this morning there are seven. If, as I suspect, this is because people are complaining, I wish Amazon would hurry up and suspend the account, since it looks like all the books were stolen.

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To celebrate the end of another year, the halfway point of another northern winter, Christmas, Yule, the solstice or just because, I’m holding a bit of a sale.

Are you ready?


While Sing to Me and Be With Me remain free from everywhere except Amazon – and always will be, since they were written to be given away – Sisters of Icarus is still available for nothing. Sadly, again, this is everywhere except Amazon, and will remain so until The Icarus Child is out, at the very least. Perhaps longer, I haven’t decided yet.

Now, just until January, you can also get Dark Rebel for FREE! If you’ve been a bit unsure about venturing into my Anglo-Saxon world, now’s your chance to explore for free. Let Demero guide you as you get a glimpse at Caligo’s life and see how the Aekhartain of Darkness comes about.

Click on any of the covers below for links and more details.

An Aekhartain Romance  Be With Me  Cover_1 Sisters of Icarus  Cover - Dark Rebel


Just for the love of it, if you’re still looking for something to read after you’re done with the freebies above, then have a couple of discounts to tide you over.

From now until the beginning of January both Unbound and Free and The Rebel Returns are only .99 (£/$/Euros etc). So if you want more Demero/Demairo, he’s all over both of these books. Plus more Shaiel and Caligo too. What’s not to love?

And for those on Amazon, Dark Rebel will be this price too, since it’s the cheapest Amazon will let me go.

Unbound and Free  Cover - Dark Rebel  The Rebel Returns

Grab ’em while they’re cheap!

Elsewhere, The Crying Child has increased in price, while Orion’s Kiss remains the same. Keep an eye out in February for a freebie run of the latter.

Until then… happy reading!

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Be With Me

An Unbound & Free Novella

Be With MeEveryone deserves a second chance at love.

Barely even a wife before she became a widow, Briallen feels like she’s lost everything – and now she has to stand by while a group of strangers moves in to the house she once called home. As hard as that it is to face, it’s made even more difficult by a man she feels drawn to, and two children she can’t help but love.

Elisud’s world is changing. Homeless and wandering, with a grieving nephew on his hands, he has no choice but to live on the farm – even when he feels the constant call of the sea. Determined to make things right for his nephew and daughter, he can’t help but notice Briallen and the bruised look in her eyes.

Both battered by grief and woes, can these two wounded people ever see past their own pain and accept the love that’s kindled between them? Or will their own self-doubts hold them back?

Set in the British Iron Age, this romantic novella deals with an age-old tale of loss, grief, healing and love, with a little help from family.

Available NOW for FREE from:
Smashwords|| B&N || iBooks || Kobo
I’m sorry but I can’t control the pricing on Amazon.)

Be With Me in Brief

What’s in it?: A 50,000 word novella, and the first chapter of Demero’s story, Unbound and Free.
When is it set?: 256 AD
Where is it set?: Roman/Iron Age Britain
What kind of story is it?: A second-chance romance
What’s the genre?: Historical Romance
I haven’t read Unbound and Free, will I get lost?: Although this novella takes place right in the middle of U&F, it’s not vital to that story, so no. I’ve tried to keep spoilers to a minimum too.
Any age restrictions?: Not really. There’s some kissing, but the sex stops before anything really happens. Mild language in places.

Continue reading “Be With Me”

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Coming Soon!

Coming on Wednesday (1st October) a whole new free novella!

This might not be the final cover. I haven't decided yet.
This might not be the final cover. I haven’t decided yet, but isn’t South Devon pretty when looking from one high point to another? ;) As for the dandelions… they seemed a good idea at the time.

This is a 50,000 word romance that takes place in the middle of Demero’s book, involving two of the minor characters. If you haven’t read Unbound and Free, don’t worry, I’ve tried to keep spoilers to a minimum (though there’s a couple of things I couldn’t avoid). If you have read U&F then this story is about how Elisud and Briallen met and married, with lots of Demairo and Ceri moments along the way. There’s a moment with crows and some obligatory drooling over Dartmoor, but mostly it’s about adjusting to life on a farm after a lifetime by the sea. I’ll put up a blurb when I write one.

Oh, it’s also set in the 3rd century AD, in south-west Roman Britain, where Roman influence was barely felt, leaving it with more of an Iron Age feel. If the historical aspect of U&F put you off before, why not try this? It’s free and it’ll give you a fair idea of just how historical I go. (I try to be as accurate as I can, without having a degree in ancient history or archeology, but likewise I try not to lay out all my research just to prove I did it – even though I sometimes really want to.)

Also happening on Wednesday: I’m taking Orion’s Kiss down from Smashwords, and all its associated sellers (B&N, ibooks, Kobo, etc), and making it an Amazon exclusive. It’ll be a three-month trial, so it might well go back up on the other sites after that, but for the moment all sales of that book are coming from Az, so it seems silly to let them keep more of my royalties than I need to. All my future releases will still go out to Smashwords and everywhere else, but if this works then I’ll probably move them all to Amazon after six months or so. This won’t affect my freebies.

Other than that I’ve already started on my next Aekh tale, a proper novel this time, and I’m considering what to play with for NaNo this year (anything but Aekhartain). I’m also reviewing books like mad, for no other reason than when my life gets busy I tend to read more, so joining NetGalley was a way of getting new books without playing for them ;) If you have a book you’d like me to review, send me an email and we’ll talk.

In the meantime, merry Friday, everyone!