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Dragongift: Prologue

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Spoiler Warning! If you haven’t finished Rift Riders, you don’t want to read this just yet.

We begin where we left off, in halls of Aquila…


27th Harvest, 787 Cloud Era

THERE WAS BLOOD on the walls, blood on the floor and blood on his hands. In the distance chittering shrieks announced that the kaz-naghkt had found the infirmary and were feasting on the dead. It wouldn’t be long before they followed. There was too much blood to hide.

“Don’t let them eat me. Please, don’t let them eat me.”

Mouse tightened his grip on his fellow student’s waist and checked that the bandages were still holding around Resten’s middle. “Hush,” he murmured soothingly. “It will be all right.”

But he didn’t know if it would be. How could it be? There were kaz-naghkt inside Aquila, rampaging through the halls, with the Wrathlen pirates not too far behind. They had bombarded the citadel, broken the siege and swept in on a murderous tide. Everyone that could flee already had, saving themselves to fight another day. Leaving the wounded to do what they could.

Beside him, Resten groaned, his knees failing and almost dragging Mouse down with him. Letting the other boy slither to the floor, Mouse caught himself against the tunnel wall and stared at his hand in the flickering torchlight. His palm was black and glistening.

At his feet, Resten’s life bled out onto the floor.

Behind, the kaz-naghkt chittered. They were coming.

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