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Hello, 2018

Houndtor Haze

Two weeks into January, and so far the year is bumping along much like the old one did. Plenty of things to do, plenty of other things getting in the way and trying to do their best to make sure I don’t get things done, same old, same old.

No worries. This year I have decided I’m not going to make predictions, I’m not going to set any schedules, I will simply set out to achieve things and hope I manage to get them done eventually. I do have a list, but I’m keeping it private for now and will only talk about things that have actually been finished.

Which leads me to… AQUILA’S WAR (Wingborn book 5) IS DONE!

This was my NaNoWriMo project from last year that got derailed mid-November, and I wasn’t able to pick it up again until the start of this month. But after putting in an extra 36K words, it is done! WHOO! It needs a lot of work and there are a few characters and plot lines I might have accidentally forgotten, but that can be cleaned up later. For now it’s all done and the sixth and final Wingborn book is poking me with ideas, so I might just give in and write it next.

I have also finally gathered all the pieces together to puzzle out where the Dragonlands series is headed, which is also a big relief. Looking forward to sorting that one out.

Right now I’m trying to catch up with all the things that got dropped last year and putting other plans into place for future things this year. I’m also kicking around a few ideas of what I’ll tackle once Wingborn is done. I might take a break from the Overworld for a bit, but I might also stay put since there are a couple of stories trying to catch my attention. Lots of things to ponder.

In the meantime, I hope 2018 is treating you fairly thus far, and that your goals and plans – whatsoever they may be – bear the right kind of fruit for you.

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