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Storm Wings is Coming

Official release is Sunday, but you can pre-order it now for .99! The price will rise on Monday, so get in quick while it’s cheap :)

Storm Wings Cover 1

Trouble covers the Overworld and the Rift Riders seem further from home than ever, but there is hope in the darkness, even if the road to recovery is long.

For the first time in more than a century, dragons have returned to the human lands, but their numbers are few and their welcome is… difficult. If Mhysra, Lyrai and their friends were expecting a heroes’ welcome on their return, they may have a long time to wait.

In the West, Stirla and Derrain have their own troubles to deal with, thanks to a determined princess and some foolhardy nobles. Not to mention the opinions and intentions of their superiors.

And at Aquila, Lord Yullik waits for the fight he knows will come. Yet all the while an unseen threat moves in the shadows. New dangers stir across the mountain, but whether for good or evil, only the gods of this cursed world can tell…

Pre-order now!
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Thanks, as always, for reading and buying my books. And don’t forget Aquila’s War kicks off on Friday. See you there!

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