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It’s Aquila’s War Weekend!

We’re back! Despite the longer than usual wait, Mhysra, Lyrai, Mouse & Co are back and raring to go. Time to kick things off with updates across the weekend!

Aquila's War Cover 1But first, a few quick things before we begin.

  • The Storm Wings ebook is released on Sunday, but you can pre-order it now.
  • I’m removing the rest of Storm Wings from here today, but you have until tomorrow morning if you’re reading on Wattpad.
  • As with the rest of this series (apart from Wingborn) Aquila’s War will only be free for a limited time. I won’t be taking it down until after the end, though, I promise.
  • Spoiler warning! If you haven’t read Rift Riders, Dragongift or Storm Wings everything about this book will spoil you, so be careful before clicking on any cuts. The blurb lies below this one.
  • Usual update schedule of Fridays and Sundays begins next week. However, if you’d like to read more now, my Patreon readers get early access and are a month ahead.

And with that out of the way, welcome to the fifth Wingborn book!

The Rift Riders are ready.
Yullik is waiting.
The fight for Aquila is about to begin.

After siege and exile, the Rift Riders have drifted around the Overworld for long enough. The troops have been gathered, the dragons are willing to help and everyone is ready to depart. Now they only have to get there.

While Mhysra, Lyrai and their friends prepare for the battle ahead and Yullik lays his traps, hidden on the far side of Aquila, Mouse and Nightriver have their own challenges to face. Despite everything, the mountain has a few surprises in store for all of them yet.

For Aquila is waiting to be won and the stakes are high. When war rocks the citadel, even the winners may end up losing…


Then let’s go.

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