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August Catch Up

Yartor Pony July

I’m not quite sure what it is about this year – or me – but every time I mention a deadline I seem to be tempting fate too far, so I get something else thrown at my head to make all chances of meeting said deadline impossible.

Which is a roundabout way of attempting to excuse myself for missing all my self-imposed deadlines this year. I would say that from now on I will hit each and every one, but I’m making no promises – in case they turn around and devour me whole.

The good news is A Courtship of Dragons is finally out! You may have already noticed.

The other good news is that I’m working really hard on Storm Rising and hope that it won’t be long before it follows. I have a hard deadline set in my head, but I refuse to write it down for fear of aforementioned bitey things.

After that it really is time I returned to writing. Things have been so hectic around here this year that I basically haven’t written anything in more months than I care to imagine. Which would be frightening, except I have been just too busy to have managed anything. I’ve written copious reviews, but I don’t think they really count. I also cleaned out a fully packed attic, which is satisfying in many ways, but doesn’t write the stories for me.

Next up on my writing schedule is the long neglected Burning Sky (or is it Sands?), which is Dragonlands #4. I left some characters in a bad way there, so I really do need to go and take care of them. After that, I would love to try NaNo again this year, probably with Wingborn #5 (whose title is spoilery for those who haven’t read past book 1). Beyond that, a whole other series without dragons or miryhls in it keeps calling me with a siren song and I’d love to return and play with them. I also have Aekhs to work on and older books to tidy up for various reasons.

As always, lots to do, very little time to do it in. But in non-writing news I’ve been walking loads, have finally worked out a routine so I can yoga every day and I even have a new camera to play with. My dogs and I continue to get older, my cat remains cuddly and grumpy, family is awesome, and my good old British summer isn’t playing very fair right now (see the photo, that’s supposed to be July!). On the whole, though, I can’t complain.

But enough of me, how are you lovely people doing?

4 thoughts on “August Catch Up”

  1. Ooo… new camera! That sounds delightful.

    It can be so frustrating when things don’t go to plan, especially when it’s keeping you away from writing. A long bout of the flu has meant I’m scrambling to make the deadline for my current WIP. I hope thing settle down for you soon.

    1. I’m certainly having fun with it :)

      Oh, poor you! I’m so sorry you’re bug turned out to be flu. Hope you’re recovering now – and if you want me to take another look at your story, just send it through.

      *snugs and tea*

      1. Thank you. I’m about back to normal now (for which I’m very grateful).

        Sadly, the story refuses to behave itself. At this rate, I’m not sure I’m going to make the deadline. I hope you’re having better luck!

      2. Ha, no. Between cleaning up after an elderly dog and taking my mum to the hospital (nothing too major, thankfully, just unplanned), my plans are merrily derailing once again.

        Glad you’re feeling better!

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