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Pink Sun
Pink sun in the morning, go back to bed warning

For those in a hurry, here’s the condensed version.

  • Cloud Cursed is on track to come out next Friday!
  • You can pre-order Storm Wings from Amazon right now!
  • I made a mess of things, which is why the pre-order is for the wrong book.
  • My Patreon goes live tomorrow! Along with the first two Aquila’s War posts.

Read on for the in-depth version…

Cloud Cursed 3The good news: the final edit is very nearly done, meaning all I have to do now is make it shiny for the ebook – yay! Barring any terrible unforeseen incidents, this book will finally be available to buy next week – Sept 7th!

The bad news: no pre-orders.

I messed up. I’m sorry. I was so busy running around, trying to get everything ready, that I uploaded everything to Amazon and sent it off for review without realising I’d actually uploaded the wrong book *headdesk*

It didn’t take me long to figure it out, but Amazon won’t let you cancel or edit anything once it’s in their system, so I had to wait for Storm Wings to clear, then found out that you can’t delete a book or change its release date (even when it doesn’t have any orders) without incurring a year-long ban on all other pre-orders.

Storm Wings Cover 1Which is annoying, but the original fault was mine. Sorry. I messed up. The book will still come out as promised and I will leave it at the low price for the first month as penance.

However, this does mean that Storm Wings is up and you can pre-order it now for .99! It’ll come out on October 7th on Amazon (because while messing up I panicked and changed it to the wrong date… *headdesk again*) Other pre-order places and all the links to come nearer the actual release date.

Elsewhere, my Patreon page launches tomorrow! I know I originally said it and Aquila’s War would be available today, but Patreon is a pay-monthly deal and I don’t think anyone should be paying anything for one day’s access. So tomorrow you’ll get a double update.

I’ll also put up a post to further explain the tiers and what you can expect for your money. Prices start at $1 US (+ VAT) a month, and you’ll get to read all the stories for that. More interesting and shiny things will hopefully come as I get used to it all.

And that’s about it for now. More posts to come shortly about Patreon and Cloud Cursed. Then I have some potential new covers for Wingborn and Rift Riders that I’m considering, and Storm Wings has to come out, and we’re getting a new puppy, and Dragonlands Volume 1 (Books 1-3) needs to be prepped, and Aquila’s War needs to be posted, and more books need to be written, not to mention NaNo is coming…

All the things. All the things are happening. Right now. All at once. I think I need to find myself a new life raft and a better way of organising myself.

Ah well, nothing new there.

Take care, my lovelies!

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