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Aftermath Pre-Order

On Monday 1st June return to the Wingborn series for one last hurrah in an extended epilogue tale of love, friendship, hard work and harsh rewards in a changed world for all involved.

**The following post contains spoilers for the entire Wingborn Series. If you’ve read it and you’re happy it’s done, great, you don’t need to read any further. If you haven’t read it yet, don’t click! If you have and you still want more, then this post is for you.**

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World’s End is Coming!

It might feel like only yesterday since I last released a book, and yet at the same time feel like forever ago that I finished the World’s End serial, but regardless, the ebook is finally coming.


On Monday, May 18th, you can have a copy of your own.

My Patreon supporters already have theirs, but everyone else can pre-order it from all the usual suspects.

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Amazon: US || UK || AUS || CAN || DE ||


Chances are you already know what it’s about. It’s quite possible you’ve read it all. However, if you’re someone who hates serials and prefers to wait for the final book, you can find more information and sample chapters on the Wingborn Serial Page.

Proper release post to come next week, and more information about the follow-up short novel to follow soon.

Take care, my lovelies xx

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Broken Ground is Coming!

On Monday, April 20th, the fifth Dragonlands adventure is let loose into the world.

Fleeing the Sunlord’s palace, Lieutenant Nera of the Rift Riders has no plan in mind beyond getting away. She needs to keep her pregnant Rider safe and take care of her companion, Mastekh kin Rainstorm. But the desert is dry and desolate, and none of them know where they are going.

Elder Khennik kin Blazeborn has dedicated his long life to protecting others. His kin, his Clan, all dragonkind, he always knew where his priorities lay. Until his young dragon aide ran off with two humans, leaving Khennik no choice but to follow. He will do anything to get them back and keep them safe. Even against the rest of the Riders.

Deep in the desert, far from the Curse, some might think themselves safe from the clouds. Yet out here the smallest mistake could mean the difference between survival and disaster…

Pre-order now at the special low price of 0.99:
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Read on for the Prologue.

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Pre-Order Links and Round-Up

Storm Rising 5 Merry Monday, everyone!

Just a quick little update today to say that you can now pre-order Storm Rising all over the place.

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|| B&N || iBooks || Kobo ||

From now, right up to next Wednesday (13th Sept) you can also get it at the lowest discounted price. Most places that should be 0.99, but some might be a little higher (Amazon US, for some reason, likes to hover around $1.25) and Kobo might even have it a little lower.

So if you want the next in the Dragonlands series as soon as it comes out – this Wednesday! – go grab it now while it’s cheap!



In other news, iTunes has finally put A Courtship of Dragons up, so if that’s your preferred ebook shop, you can go grab it for FREE right now.

I’ve also finally posted a proper Courtship Portal Page, which has all the necessary information and links that you might need for that book.

Elsewhere, things have been so busy around here all summer that I’m looking forward to having a bit of downtime. But I’ve also been planning what’s yet to come, for this year and beyond.

Right now I’m focusing on Dragonlands #4, but before the end of the year I hope to have finished the Dragongift serial and prepped that for release (ETA: beginning of December), started posting Storm Wings (Wingborn #4) and also have tackled NaNo (Wingborn #5). Then in January, Dragonlands #3 should be released. So a busy few months lie ahead.

For this week, though, I’m planning to read a lot, replace the shelf that fell off the wall this morning, find a new home for all the heavy books and get back into some sort of normal routine.

Ha! Wish me luck.