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A Quick Reminder

With the Rift Riders ebook almost ready to be released, just a quick reminder that I’ll be taking down the serial version one week from today.

That’ll be Wednesday 15th March. They’ll start disappearing sometime after 12 noon GMT.

Rift the ebook will be on offer for the first week, so you can always snap it up cheap if you don’t have time to finish it.

Then from next Friday (17th) I’ll be serialising book 3, Dragongift, so you’ll soon have plenty to read again.

If, however, you’re part way through, time is running out to get it read for free.

Regardless, hope to see you next week for the next adventure!

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So What’s Next?

You may have noticed that the site has undergone a few changes just lately, gaining a distinctly cloudy tone. Well, this is why:

OWBanner 1

Now that Icarus Child is done and dusted, I’m taking a break from the Aekhartain for six months or so. While they’re gone, I thought I’d introduce a different world of mine, one that’s quite different from our own – The Overworld. A world covered by clouds, where the elite soldiers ride giant eagles and monsters fly out of the West.

is the first in the series.

Wingborn_WP Cover 1Lady Mhysra Kilpapan was blessed from birth with a distinguished family, a glorious home and a giant eagle miryhl of her own. Fully aware of her luck, she wants for nothing in life – except a chance to become a Rift Rider. The elite force of the Overworld has been closed to women for over one hundred years and not even the legendary Wingborn are allowed to join. Until now.

Women are being admitted to the Riders again and Mhysra wants to be first in line. Except her parents have other ideas, and there are plenty of others who are less than pleased about the change. Yet if Mhysra can find a way to reach Aquila, she will let nothing stop her.

But the Overworld is in trouble and the vicious kaz-naghkt are destroying Rift Rider bases one by one. The Riders need help. Can Mhysra and her friends really be the difference between survival and destruction? Or will they fail before their first year of training is through?

Rather than release the complete novel, I’ve decided to serialise it for free instead. I’ll be posting it in installments of between 1000-1500 words at a time, breaking up chapters for ease of reading. It is already finished so you don’t have to worry I’ll lose interest halfway through and stop posting (not that I’ve done this before… much).

It all starts tomorrow with the prologue, followed by the complete first chapter over Saturday, Sunday and Monday, to kick things off in style. After that I’m aiming to update a chapter a week, on Fridays and Sundays, with the occasional Wednesday post thrown in for when larger chapters need to be split into three.

You can read along here, on Wattpad (starlightmagpie) or on my Livejournal (saiena). I’ll be including and updating link posts both here on the blog and on LJ if you’re following on those places, and I’m completely new to Wattpad, so we shall see how it goes.

I hope you’ll join me for the ride and that you’ll enjoy taking a look at this whole new world. Feel free to follow and friend me, and if I don’t add you back, throw me a comment to wake me up.

See you tomorrow!

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I Win!

I broke my brain, but I win! The Icarus Child is done!

I’ve written 13.5K words today. Starting at 8 ish. I broke off to watch Tim Peake rocket up to space, then had to break later on to drive my mum somewhere because of rain, but otherwise I powered through on a diet of Galaxy chocolate, copious amounts of water and Ori and the Blind Forest soundtrack (and a couple of others – I will have to talk music sometime).

It makes no sense. I don’t even care. It is done! Book is finished! I’m not even going to touch it until the new year.

Now I can catch up on my reading, put up decorations, wrap presents, see family and look after the dog who has an ear infection and a lip infection and all kinds of skin infections (apparently, though he seems fine, but the vet says, so *shrug* and he’s a foolish pedigree), and probably sleep a lot. Because it is December and it’s wet and we’re not quite halfway out of the dark yet.

Proper update tomorrow. For now – yay!

(Ow, my head)

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Coming Soon!

Coming on Wednesday (1st October) a whole new free novella!

This might not be the final cover. I haven't decided yet.
This might not be the final cover. I haven’t decided yet, but isn’t South Devon pretty when looking from one high point to another? ;) As for the dandelions… they seemed a good idea at the time.

This is a 50,000 word romance that takes place in the middle of Demero’s book, involving two of the minor characters. If you haven’t read Unbound and Free, don’t worry, I’ve tried to keep spoilers to a minimum (though there’s a couple of things I couldn’t avoid). If you have read U&F then this story is about how Elisud and Briallen met and married, with lots of Demairo and Ceri moments along the way. There’s a moment with crows and some obligatory drooling over Dartmoor, but mostly it’s about adjusting to life on a farm after a lifetime by the sea. I’ll put up a blurb when I write one.

Oh, it’s also set in the 3rd century AD, in south-west Roman Britain, where Roman influence was barely felt, leaving it with more of an Iron Age feel. If the historical aspect of U&F put you off before, why not try this? It’s free and it’ll give you a fair idea of just how historical I go. (I try to be as accurate as I can, without having a degree in ancient history or archeology, but likewise I try not to lay out all my research just to prove I did it – even though I sometimes really want to.)

Also happening on Wednesday: I’m taking Orion’s Kiss down from Smashwords, and all its associated sellers (B&N, ibooks, Kobo, etc), and making it an Amazon exclusive. It’ll be a three-month trial, so it might well go back up on the other sites after that, but for the moment all sales of that book are coming from Az, so it seems silly to let them keep more of my royalties than I need to. All my future releases will still go out to Smashwords and everywhere else, but if this works then I’ll probably move them all to Amazon after six months or so. This won’t affect my freebies.

Other than that I’ve already started on my next Aekh tale, a proper novel this time, and I’m considering what to play with for NaNo this year (anything but Aekhartain). I’m also reviewing books like mad, for no other reason than when my life gets busy I tend to read more, so joining NetGalley was a way of getting new books without playing for them ;) If you have a book you’d like me to review, send me an email and we’ll talk.

In the meantime, merry Friday, everyone!

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Future Releases

So now that Orion’s Kiss is out and about, what’s next for the Tales of the Aekhartain?


  • SING TO ME: This is a f/f romantic novella starring Freyda and Dóma, both of whom were seen in Orion’s Kiss. This is my current project, and I’ve just finished it! It’s now 25K words. Now all I need to do is edit it up and release it for FREE on Smashwords. This is my first attempt at f/f romance though, so there may be some hiccups in the editing process. ETA: Mid-March 2014


  • DEMERO’S TALE (title to be decided): This collection will contain the stories Jealousy’s Shadow and Unbound and Free, both rewritten, as well as at least one more new story. Demero is one of the oldest Aekhartain characters and this collection will take place around 500 AD, telling his story from when he was a young child to when he finally finds his feet as an Aekh. I don’t know how long it will be, but I doubt it will come in below 50K. Tentative ETA: Late Spring/Early Summer 2014
  • CRUSADES OF DARKNESS (title subject to change): Nawaquí’s tale. If you don’t know who he is yet, I won’t spoil it for you. This collection will contain Crusades of Darkness, Letters from the Dark and Dark Words, all rewritten and thoroughly edited, as well as at least one totally new story. The setting will probably be around 1000 AD. Tentative ETA: Autumn 2014
  • WINTERS CHILL: Want to know more about Beatrice Winters? Well, this will tell you all you need to know and more. This collection will contain Winter’s Chill and Darkest Night, both rewritten, as well as at least two all new tales. Tentative ETA: Winter 2014

Depending entirely on how well Sing to Me does, there’s a high chance I’ll release more short tales for free between each of the longer stories. I’ll announce them and add them to the list as and when the inspiration strikes.

After that it’ll probably be up for grabs as to who comes next. Alamé’s tale, perhaps? Maybe Dóma. Theiran and Anna will definitely get their chance before long. After that, well, there’s rather a lot to choose from. One thing’s certain: I won’t run out of rewrite material any time soon.

Are you an old reader of my stories? Is there one you remember that you’d like to see again? Are you new? Has someone caught your eye and you’d like to know more? Well, let me know and I’ll see what I can do.

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Orion’s Kiss is Out!

Orion's Kiss
Orion’s Kiss

Have you ever wished upon a star?

When Freyda arrived at the Institute she was just another orphan. By the time her two week quarantine was over she was an experiment. Ten years on she remains a puzzle that the scientists cannot solve. How does she stay cool in the hot, or warm in the cold? Why isn’t she effected by these extremes like everyone else? Freyda knows, but she isn’t telling.

Until the disdainful Beatrice Winters arrives, threatening to make Freyda homeless in a cruel, hard world. Freyda needs help, but she has no one to turn to – except the stars she wishes on every night.

Fear not the shadow, for in the darkness shine the stars.

Set on a near-future Earth where energy shortages have split the world into modern haves and powerless have-nots, this collection contains four stories about Freyda and the choices she has to make, including the novella Orion’s Kiss, a novelette, a short story and a very short interlude.

Orion’s Kiss
February 2014

Available Now!
Amazon: UK US AUS
And everywhere else Amazon operates
And everywhere else Smashwords ships

This is my official party post, so grab a beverage of your choice (alcoholic or non-alcoholic, the choice is yours) and peruse the buffet table of treats, and come celebrate with me.

My book is out!